About Dr. Joe

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After completing my Family Medicine training at East Jefferson General Hospital, Michelle and I decided to move to rural New Zealand for a year where I was exposed to a very different medical system. Our clinic operated out of an emergency room where I treated minor emergencies, chronic diseases, and ran a fracture clinic. We returned to New Orleans where I accepted the Medical Director position at MHM Urgent Care in Kenner. 

After becoming frustrated that conventional medicine did not offer enough answers to help my patients, I began exploring other approaches that could help my patients. I've trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine and spent countless hours immersed in the study of nutrition and natural medicine in order to bring the very best medical care to my patients. 

I opened this clinic so that I can work with you to bring you back to health and live the most full life possible. I am passionate about providing value to my patients through cost effective and evidence based treatments. 


My name is Dr. Joe Mather. I grew up watching my father and grandfather practice medicine and making a difference in our community.  I decided early on that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I studied medicine at Tulane University. While in medical school, I also earned a degree in Public Health, specializing in Tropical Medicine.

I fell in love with New Orleans shortly after arriving and decided to make my life here, a decision made easy when I met my wonderful wife, Michelle, a New Orleans native.