Practice Fees


I do not bill medical insurance for my time working with patients. It is difficult to deliver the quality of care that you deserve while accepting payment from insurance companies. However, I’m happy to utilize insurance for medications, bloodwork or any testing that may be needed.

My clinic operates through a membership model. I designed my practice this way so that I can work closely with the patients that need my care.

There is an “Initial Consultation Fee” to join my practice which covers my time to review your case and your first 90 minute consultation with me. This fee is $400.00. For complex cases (Mycotoxicity, Alzheimer’s Dementia) that require a 120 minute consultation I charge $500.00. For cases that require extensive record review prior to the visit I add an additional fee to cover my time.

Patients who desire to work with me on an ongoing basis then pay a monthly Membership Fee which allows me to keep a smaller number of patients so that I can do an excellent job. The Monthly fee is typically $150 a month. Fees are mutually agreed upon at the time of the initial appointment. You are not required to join my clinic after your initial consultation, and the Membership fee may be cancelled with written notice at any time.

Example: An incoming patient fills out paperwork and is scheduled an initial 90 minute consultation. As there were only a few pages of records to review, she is charged $400 for this visit. She decides that she would like to begin working with Dr. Mather and as her case is not particularly complex, is charged $150.00 monthly. Thus, her first payment would be for $375 and $150 each month while under Dr. Mather’s care.

Example: A patient with multiple long standing chronic illnesses and new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Dementia asks Dr. Mather for a second opinion. By this time she has collected extensive medical records including imaging reports, years of labs from and notes from multiple doctors that takes an hour to read through and sort. Her initial 120 minute visit would by $500 with a $100 chart review fee. She decides that she wants to work with Dr. Mather and would pay $200 a month for ongoing access as she has higher medical needs.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

If you would like to work with me to improve your health, you may sign up here.