How To Never See The Doctor Again!

Dr. Joe Mather, MD, MPH&TM and Nancy Adams, Health Coach

If you’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked, it’s time for something different!

My name is Dr. Joe Mather and I’ve spent the last several years treating patients who have slipped through the cracks of our current medical system. They are frustrated with a heath care system that is excellent at throwing pills at symptoms, but poor at helping them regain their health. My average patient has seen multiple doctors and practitioners before seeking me out me and in frustration has usually turned to any number of treatments to try and feel better: diets, cleanses, weight loss supplements, detox programs, IV therapies and more.

Unfortunately, by the time they’ve made it to my office they have usually spent way too much time, money and energy on things that haven’t made them better. I don’t blame them, it is hard to know who to trust, and easy to be fooled by flashy advertising campaigns!

After working with these patients I found time and time again that a focus on health fundamentals was the missing piece that most people needed to get well.

What I want to teach you are the basic principles that I have all patients focus on at the beginning of their treatment, no matter what causes of disease are present!

Some patients are very ill and need additional care and treatments, but I am so excited to share with you these easily applied principles that will improve your health no matter where you are.

What is it?

I’ve teamed up with health coach Nancy Adams to create this 4-week program designed to get you practical information to reboot your health. You can read about Nancy here.

Our intention is to give you the tools that have helped our patients so that can take your health into your own hands. We want you to be able to put these principles into practice as quickly as possible so that you can get back to living your life!

How does it work?

We will meet weekly on Monday nights at East Jefferson Hospital in a group setting. Each session is structured so that you can learn from from Nancy, myself, and the other attendees. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Then, every Thursday evening, Nancy will host a Health Coaching conference call where she will help you apply what you’ve learned and help troubleshoot common problems.

What will be covered?

  • Week 1 -Sleep / How to Heal

  • Week 2 - Weight loss, Nutrition, and Fasting

  • Week 3 - Kill Stress Before it Kills you!

  • Week 4 - Movement and Exercise

Where does the group meet?

6 -7 pm Monday evenings at East Jefferson Hospital’s Crawford Conference Rooms.

Park in the Hudson garage. The conference rooms are located just to the right as you enter the hospital from the Hudson garage. The Crawford Conference Rooms include Dreyfous 1, Dreyfous 2, Esplanade 1 and Esplanade 2.

  • Oct. 7th – Dreyfous 1

  • Oct. 14th – Esplanade 2

  • Oct. 21st – Dreyfous 2

  • Oct. 28th – Dreyfous 2

* Lectures at the Crawford Conference Center on Monday nights at 6pm. Enter from the Hudson Garage.

* Lectures at the Crawford Conference Center on Monday nights at 6pm. Enter from the Hudson Garage.

What is the cost?

Regular Price: $500.

Special Offer: $250. This course will be initially offered at a 50% discount to a small group of patients who are willing to give Nancy and I the feedback to make this program exceptional and of great value.


To reserve your spot or ask additional questions please email me directly at:

Other information

This program is separate from Dr. Mather’s clinical practice. No doctor-patient relationship is established by becoming a member of this program. Dr. Mather will not be diagnosing illnesses, ordering labs or prescribing individualized treatments through this program.