Clinic Services and Membership Benefits

My goal is to deliver a world class level of care to you at an affordable price. In exchange for your monthly membership fee you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited office visits, phone calls, texts or emails with myself.
  • Any medications that you may need given to you in my clinic are free. This may include injectable medications, nebulizer treatments or oral medicines.
  • In-office diagnostic testing is done at no charge to you. Examples may include EKG, urinalysis, strep throat testing.
  • Similarly, there is no extra cost for any procedures done in the office. Examples include laceration repair, abscess drainage, skin biopsy, ingrown toenail removal, joint injections.
  • 30% off of Professional Grade Nutritional supplements from Moss Nutrition.
  • Reduced lab prices from Clinical Pathology Laboratories

In addition, I am also able to provide the following specialty services:

  • Nutritional program for diabetes and weight loss
  • Advanced cardiac risk profile interpretation (NMR Particle Size and Coronary Calcium Score)
  • Functional Medicine laboratory interpretation (Organic Acids, CDSA, Adrenal Testing, SIBO Breath Testing, Complete Thyroid Panel)


I'm here for you. Please contact my office and ask if you need something that is not listed.


Here is a copy of my office's Privacy Practices.